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Toptal are the pioneers in the market of vetted professional freelance professionals. They were the first ones who came up with the idea of creating a network of vetted freelancers and the idea is really successful as their revenue exceeded 120m$ annually.
What do they offer? Toptal gives you access to their platform where you can get matched with the top 3% of freelancers in software engineering, design, finance, and law. All the professionals are vetted rigorously.

This is how the process looks like:

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As you can see, the process is quite tough and only 3% of all the applicants claimed to pass the whole process.

Everything looks great and the company overall has good feedback from its customers according to Trustpilot, but there are no ideal companies and the most negative reviews about their pricing (typically it’s in the range 60-200 USD per hour) and too pushy sales reps.

Here is the list of few alternative ways to hire a freelancer that meets your expectations:


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One of the largest freelance platforms. It’s easy to use, you post your project description or job requirements and get tens and sometimes hundreds of different bids and spend a lot of time considering different profiles. There are a lot of positive and negative reviews on this platform, you need to chose the right freelancer and actually everything depends on the performer you choose because they are not pre-vetted and you have to vet them on your own.

You can hire both individuals or agencies that are ready to help you complete your project, the pricing depends on location/ seniority level of performers and can be somewhere between 10-150 USD per hour.

It’s worth to mention that the company provides now Upwork PRO – which is a platform for cooperation with businesses, where the company selected it’s most trusted agencies and freelancers.


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Mindecs help companies to extend their teams with top-quality software developers. They are a network of vetted software developers, ready to join your team. Mindecs have similar vetting processes to Toptal and they are focused on the most popular niche developers like Node.js, Angular, Java, IOS, Android, etc. so that they can provide the best match in a matter of days.

What is interesting Mindecs has Guaranteed Quqality Policy what means you can be sure about the performance of the developer you requested because in case you are not satisfied you will not be invoiced, you pay only if satisfied.(read more here)

This allows companies to scale their team with confidence, they hire best developers as remote contractors with flexible terms of cooperation in a matter of days, not months as it takes on average. There are no recruitment fees.

If you are looking for scaling your development team with new developers, get in touch to receive few profiles for consideration and discuss everything more in detail.


Most in-demand coding technologies and skills

Have you ever thought about how many coding languages are there? Actually, there are at least more than 600 coding languages, but not all of them are equally popular. Each of them has a specific thing that makes this language better for a certain type of solution to be provided. What is natural, the popularity of coding technologies changes as the types of apps and solutions we use change. It is based on trends. For example, currently, the demand in the web increases, while desktop apps decrease, big data and ML stuff grows rapidly, and so on.


Regarding TIOBE index, the most popular language nowadays is C, Java, and Python are among the top 3 as well. The index is updated once a month. The ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third-party vendors. Popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Baidu are used to calculate the ratings.

We should take a look at Stackoverflow rating of programming languages


This index is based on topics and discussions activity at StackOverflow. What is interesting, Python is the second most loved coding language according to StackOverflow. Sometimes developer interest and employer demand do align, but not always.

According to Indeed – one of the most popular job boards in the USA, the list of most popular languages by job openings looks like:


We can notice, that the top 3 of software engineering languages by job openings are Python, Java, and Javascript. What is worth to mention, regarding indeed rating, Ruby is the best-paid skill for developers, that on average can make 134k. Swift developers make on average 125k per year and this is the second result, Python is the third with an average of 120k annually.


There are no good or bad coding languages. It’s as good as the developer is using the technology. Moreover, a good developer is not language-dependent, the good developer is efficient in the basics of computer science, knows at least a couple of different languages, and easily can get adopted to new technologies.
The same is for organizations and companies. When making a decision, you shouldn’t get stuck with the most popular or the most loved ones. You should choose the right tool for your solution. Don’t be afraid of growing your own expertise.

How to hire A-players? Where to find Great people?

What is a company? The wikipedia-like definition is “A company is a legal entity formed by a group of individuals to engage in and operate a business—commercial or industrial—enterprise.” In short, it’s a group of people. The group has a market they operate on, their duties, goals to achieve both personal and individual, and all effort they put in are aimed at making more revenue and profit.

The better each member of the team is, the better overall performance of the team should be, it’s pretty logical, isn’t it? This is exactly what Jim Collins claims after his research on Great and just Good companies (According to his book, “Good to Great”). The great companies in the study all had leaders with characteristics described as “level 5 leadership”. They were humble, attributing success to luck or their teams, but accepting responsibility for failures. At the same time, they were resolved to do whatever was needed to become great. Great companies “get the right people on the bus, in the right seats”. They hire the best people, then figure out what to do with them (and with the company). This is one of the key concepts the author reveals to us.

Цифровая книга "How to Hire A-Players. Finding the Top People for ...
Source Eric Herenkohl, How to hire A-Players book.
*We highly recommend reading this book.

According to these facts, recruitment process is an extremely important process for every company, but the truth is almost no one wants to spend time on recruitment. Another great author of one of the best-sellers “How to hire A-Players?” Eric Herrenkohl supports this idea. One of the main ideas of his book is nothing has a bigger impact on the results of your business and the quality of your life than hiring—and keeping—A-players. The difference between a business that fizzles and one that takes off is often whether the CEO knows how to hire and lead A-players. What is his definition of A-Player? An A-player is an employee who creates superior results compared to the vast majority of other people who hold the same position in your industry.

Another argument on why investing enough time on recruitment is it simply saves you a lot of time in the future and honestly, this is the only way of building a Great team. Here is a quote from Eric ” You can’t be a great leader if you are not a great recruiter. ” If you want to build an A-player team, you need to stop trying to turn poor performers into top performers and commit more time to finding and hiring A-players. Such talents have an exponential, not incremental, impact on your business.

Microsoft has more than 80,000 employees, but Bill Gates claims that the entire company was really built around fewer than 20 people. It doesn’t mean there are only 20 great talents in this company, no, probably all the people at Microsoft are great and are at the right seats. It means the founder needs such amount of top talents to create and maintain the culture of such a big and successful company. If he needs less than 20 people to become the wealthiest man in the world, just imagine what impact could just two or three true A-players can have on your company. As Barney Kister, senior vice president of sales and operations for Supplies Network, says, ‘‘You should never hire just to fill a position. You should always be looking for good people to add to your team.’’ If you start to think about recruiting only after a position has opened up, you have already lost. Don’t just fill empty roles. Define the team you need to achieve your goals. Then work constantly to put that team in place.

Just hiring top talents, could be not enough. As Jim Collins says about his research, you need to make sure, you have the right people at the right seats and don’t have the wrong people on the board. Simply having the best people is not enough. For sure, you need to create a proper culture, where they can fulfill their potential and grow. In such a company, A-players will beget more and more A-players. This is how great companies are built.

To sum up, to achieve great results, you definitely need great people. Otherwise, it’s not gonna work out. To build a great team you should keep these facts in mind:
1. Great leaders are great recruiters.
2. Time spent on recruitment of top talents will have the highest ROI for your business.
3. You need the right culture of growth, the right people in the right seats.
4. A-players have an exponential impact on your business, not just incremental.
5. Great talents beget great talents.

This is what we are about at Mindecs – we provide companies with top talents in tech to build great things. Products we build are used by big names. We are proud of our team. Feel free to get in touch with us, to get free advice on how to hire great software developers.


Clutch Recognizes Mindecs as Top Ukraine B2B Provider!

When you’re looking to outsource your web or mobile development, you’re tasked with finding the perfect partner. Ability to deliver, scope of services, and pricing are some of the many considerations you’re bound to face in assessing different providers.

Customer reviews can significantly simplify what can be a painstaking process. Testimonials are a proven method of building customer trust; they can vouch for service providers (like ourselves) and prove that we’re trustworthy partners capable of taking on your next project.

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Mindecs provides tech teams with dedicated software developers who have experience in developing products for big names like Samsung, Mastercard, and more. We mostly serve SMEs, and our tech stack includes but isn’t limited to Node.js, Java, Angular, React, and VUE.

We take your software development needs seriously. We offer trial periods to assess our developers’ performance. That way, you’ll be sure that we’re the right partner before taking us on.

That being said, you’ll quickly become convinced of our development expertise.

Let’s look at what a previous partner had to say about our work on Clutch.

In this project, we helped a digital accessibility firm hire skilled developers. We provided scalable and flexible resources that grew to meet the needs of our client.


Our client was thrilled with our work!

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