Clutch Recognizes Mindecs as Top Ukraine B2B Provider!

#General | 2 min to read by Abulfaz Ahmadov on Oct 04

When you’re looking to outsource your web or mobile development, you’re tasked with finding the perfect partner. Ability to deliver, scope of services, and pricing are some of the many considerations you’re bound to face in assessing different providers.

Customer reviews can significantly simplify what can be a painstaking process. Testimonials are a proven method of building customer trust; they can vouch for service providers (like ourselves) and prove that we’re trustworthy partners capable of taking on your next project.

Clutch showcases such reviews. Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that showcases staffing research and content to help you make the best outsourcing decisions.

What’s more? Clutch just recognized us for being a top B2B provider in Ukraine!

We’re so thrilled to receive this award! Clutch’s robust and reliable methodology is applied to hundreds of regional service providers. Their team of researchers determined that we’re a top provider with a high satisfaction rate!

Mindecs provides tech teams with dedicated software developers who have experience in developing products for big names like Samsung, Mastercard, and more. We mostly serve SMEs, and our tech stack includes but isn’t limited to Node.js, Java, Angular, React, and VUE.

We take your software development needs seriously. We offer trial periods to assess our developers’ performance. That way, you’ll be sure that we’re the right partner before taking us on.

That being said, you’ll quickly become convinced of our development expertise.

Let’s look at what a previous partner had to say about our work on Clutch.

In this project, we helped a digital accessibility firm hire skilled developers. We provided scalable and flexible resources that grew to meet the needs of our client.


Our client was thrilled with our work!

So what are you waiting for? Engage us for your next project today!

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