Advantages of hiring remote software developers

#General | 2 min to read by Abulfaz Ahmadov on Oct 04

It might be tough to find the right talent locally for your needs especially when it comes to software development. The great solution can be searching candidates globally and working with them on a remote basis.  Most companies still only hire developers who work in the traditional workspace, missing several opportunities:

1. Productivity

Not everyone is most productive between the hours of 9 to 5. Some members of your team are a better worker at night, early morning, or prefer splitting their day into two parts – from 8 to 12 and from 16 to 20. This is almost impossible for employees who are working from the desk in the office and a normal situation for the remote worker.

2. Access to top global talents

When a person who needs to commute to work is wanted, a company should spend money to relocate him/her or just restrict accessible talent pool to a specific area. On the other hand, by hiring remote workers it is possible to hire software developers in London, Berlin, and Kyiv in a way that they will be able to work on the same project.

3. Reducing resource costs

Talent who works at home does not require any office space, computing equipment, coffee, and covering of commutes. This money could be redirected to other spending or used as salary booster, which obviously will increase the productivity of every developer.

4. Time zones coverage

Hiring people from different parts of the world can improve the development and support team because of instant work. When a developer in Lviv is already sitting in cinema after the whole day of productive work, his colleague in New York can work on the same project, even the same task without interrupting him. Support team, which could hold problems during working hours of different Times Zone improves User experience because of resolving tickets without delays caused by the difference in local time.

To sum up, hiring remote workers is not an ideal solution for every company, but it could be easily customized to eliminate all disadvantages.

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