About Mindecs

 We help companies, to extend their development team with the top-quality software engineers remotely at no risk. 


We are a global community of vetted top-quality freelance software engineers. We aim to build a remote workplace for top talent to work on the most challenging projects around the world.

We offer top-quality full-time dedicated software engineers that are ready to join your team on-demand. Our vetted engineers join your team remotely and act directly as a regular team members. 

We offer our partners a two week no-risk trial with every engineer from our network so that you can ensure if this model and particular developer is a good fit for you. After 2 weeks you decide if you are satisfied with the results, you are the only judge. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you will not be billed. No risk with us! We are reliable and results oriented.

We are a global company and we hire the best software developers from around the world. Mostly our developers are located in Central and Eastern Europe.

No, we don’t charge any recruitment fees.  We have flexible hourly rates for every developer.

The first step of our vetting process is defining English language skills and communications skills. So, all of our developers and team members speak English fluently.

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