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    Services we offer

    Dedicated team

    You manage the projects, our vetted full-time or part-time teams of developers help you building great products.

    Product development

    We manage the projects, you provide requirements and business goals.

    QA as service

    Get the assistance of our world-class manual and automation QA specialists.

    DevOps as a service

    Our DevOps engineers assist you towards deployment, manaintainment and administrations of application in the cloud

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    All the technologies covered

    Add any skill at any time to your team. We have wide variety of vetted top-notch talents for you. They join your team, you manage them directly, while Mindecs takes care of everything else.


    • JavaScript

    • Angular

    • React

    • Vue


    • Java

    • Python

    • .NET

    • Node.js


    • React Native

    • Swift

    • Kotlin

    • Flutter


    • AWS

    • GCP

    • Azure

    • Terraform

    Try our top-quality developers for 14 days risk-free

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    Stop wasting time and money on bad hires. Instead, get a perfect match and focus on building the best products for your customers. We match you with the top 4% of talents in days, not months. With the guarantee of the quality.

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    • Explain how Mindecs can help you, the process of cooperation with us
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      We constantly search and vet tech talents globally to provide the best ones to help you build winning products.

      Zero recruitment fee

      With Mindecs, you will save a lot of costs and time on the recruitment process. We provide you with trusted top developers.


      Scale on demand, pay as you go. Our developers will join your team full-time or part-time with flexible contracts.


      Our network comprises hand-picked engineers with proven expertise in popular technologies like Angular, React, Node.js, Python, Java, Android, and IOS.

      Guaranteed Quality

      Mindecs guarantees excellent quality. Pay only if satisfied.

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      Find new team members, not gig workers

      We’re focused on a long-term partnership to become a part of your success. If you are interested in getting the best talents into your team and saving money and time, press the button and get matched!

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