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At Mindecs we search and vet individual software developers around the world. We rigorously test them on their language, technical, and communication skills then invite to our network only the best ones, helping companies to hire them with flexible contracts, guaranteeing quality. Our mission is to help companies grow faster using top talent all around the world!

The Screening Process

We consider only senior level engineers with at least 3 years of proven relevant experience.

On initial interview we pay attention to language skills and soft skills of the candidate trying to define the goals and passions. 

Our technical interview can consist of 1 or 2 parts depending on the positions. At this stage we vet the developer on his technical background and relevant professional skills.

At Mindecs, we believe that every professional software engineer should have certain level of knowledge of algorithms, data structures, coding styles and the best practices. This is the goal of our last stage of the screening process.

What people say?

We get a great developer according to our needs, he joined our team as a full-time member. It was an excellent cooperation
Vik Akharavat
Ceo & Founder at
Mindecs developers augmented our team quickly and efficiently as we expected. I am happy to recommend them!
Mark Steele
Co-Founder and President at
Essential Accessibility

How It Works

Let's discuss your goals.

Get in touch with us,  our dedicated manager will help you  get matched with the relevant candidates.

Hire Mindecs developers.

We will suggest top-quality engineers. Scale your team on demand remotely with our trusted professionals. Mindecs developers join your team as full-time or part-time members. 

Build world-class products.

You manage the team directly. Top talent on your team will help you achieve your goals!

Why Mindecs?

Global Pool of Talent

Why limit yourself to your local area? Hiring globally means hiring faster and access to top talents around the world.

Vetted Candidates

We rigorously test our team members to make your hiring process smooth and easy.

Guaranteed Quality

Try Mindecs developers with a 2 week trial. Mindecs quarantees the quality. You pay only if satisfied.

Mindecs Values


Mindecs suggests the right model, you manage the team directly! Grow faster and easier with Mindecs. We help companies to reduce the time and cost of the recruitment process.


Scale on demand, pay as you go. Our developers will join your team on a full-time or part-time basis with flexible contracts.


We suggest vetted, experienced professionals that you need. Our network consists of engineers with expertise in the most popular technologies like Angular, React, Node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, Android, IOS, etc.

Assured Quality

Start easily with a 2 weeks trial, for every developer. In simple bi-weekly iterations, together we will discuss the performance of the developer, assist and set new goals.

Try our top-quality developers for 14 days.

Let's build a world-class team for you!

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