Top 5 issues when hiring freelancers

#General | 2 min to read by Abulfaz Ahmadov on Oct 04

We can see that more and more companies are inclined to hire remote software engineers for several reasons, covered in this topic advantages of hiring remote developers.

Definitely, in 2019 companies should consider growing remotely, especially when it comes to software development, but many doubts if it’s a good idea as it has some risks. Let’s consider what difficulties you can encounter when you want to hire remote software engineers as freelancers or full-time workers:

1. Communication problems

There are a lot of different people from different parts of the world that are ready to deliver great products together with your team, but there are also plenty of people who don’t have enough experience in customer service attitude and this  can cause some problems and actually this is a reason why many people are even afraid of remote workers.

2. Choosing the right person might be a challenge and time consuming

It would take long hours to post jobs on freelancers marketplace, on different remote jobs board, maybe even search directly through social networks and this is just to get CV and profiles of candidates. After this, you have to spend a lot of time on interviews with candidates, try to understand who makes a good fit or doesn’t fit your team. This might be really tough, cost a lot and actually be time-consuming.

3. They might be unpredictable

Luckily, top 1-5% percent of freelancers or even more are reliable partners for you, but there are a lot of unreliable and unpredictable freelancers on the market that can disappear after few weeks of cooperation because of some reasons or be restricted in availability.

This is why companies like Mindecs exist – to suggest you only reliable and trusted ones with guarantees.

4. Price

We have interviewed a lot of engineers and sometimes we experienced that there are great software developers who request different rates. Sometimes, the developer whose hourly rate is 10-15$/h can be as good as his colleague with a rate of 60$/h. Surely, top-quality professionals know their value and their price and are prepared for paying accordingly, but if the one requests a lot doesn’t really mean that he can deliver really well in your case.

5. Less interaction with your team

As long as your team members are not located in one office, they might struggle to communicate efficiently. This is also one of the most popular reasons why companies are not keen to grow remotely. But nowadays, we are lucky to have a lot of great tools that help to work remotely( Check out our article 5 Apps needed to work remotely ) and it’s actually extremely easy to set up a great environment to work effectively remotely!


We at Mindecs believe in the distributed workforce and our mission is to help companies to build world-class development teams. It’s much easier to grow your team than you think, feel free check out and request a demo.

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