How to hire top-quality remote software developers safely and at no recruitment cost? Mindecs Assured Quality Policy.

#General | 2 min to read by Abulfaz Ahmadov on Oct 04

We at Mindecs, believe that the future of the work is remote. A lot of companies already provide an opportunity to work remotely, especially software development companies.

For example, it can take on average 2 months and 30 interviews to hire the right candidate in the USA, locally in your office. There is another option, like recruitment agency, with the fee of somewhere around 15% of the first year salary(15 000$). What is also interesting, on average software engineer works for the same company less than 2 years. For instance, an average engineer at Facebook works for 1 year and 11 months, for Uber it’s 1 year and 2 months. If we take into account these numbers.

On the other hand, companies can find great software engineers in another city remotely, or even another country remotely. Despite the fact many companies struggle to find the right candidates locally many of them are still not hire remotely because they are afraid of some aspects, like not knowing how to manage remote teams, we covered in one of our recent topics how to manage remote teams , and actually whether it’s remote or onsite you have to search and vet candidates what is also challenging.

How Mindecs help companies to hire top-quality developers with no recruitment fees?

We at Mindecs – constantly search and vet software developers around the world thoroughly on the most important tech and communication skills, and partner-up with companies who need software engineers suggesting them our best candidates, with no recruitment fee and flexible hourly contract with our Assured Quality Policy. Typically, our customers hire the first or second candidate we propose, so it leads to much less time on searching and screening, 2 months and 30+ screenings vs 1-2 weeks 1-2 interviews. In case we don’t have the right candidate, we search it in parallel with our partner company that requests that particular developer for free.

To help our partner companies to grow remotely, we provide our Assured Quality Policy. First, all of our developers are vetted professionals with proven experience. Second, with every developer we start with 2 weeks no risk trial period, you pay only if satisfied and provide this opportunity with our bi-weekly pay period. Third, we constantly communicate and review the performance of our candidates, together with the companies to help them grow.

We believe that the future of work is remote. At Mindecs, we try to make remote work safe and effective. Our onboarding process is simple, the company simply shares the requirements, we make our best to fill this position. Mindecs takes all the risks out of the game, helping companies to build world-class product teams and bring excellent products on the market.

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