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Toptal are the pioneers in the market of vetted professional freelance professionals. They were the first ones who came up with the idea of creating a network of vetted freelancers and the idea is really successful as their revenue exceeded 120m$ annually.
What do they offer? Toptal gives you access to their platform where you can get matched with the top 3% of freelancers in software engineering, design, finance, and law. All the professionals are vetted rigorously.

This is how the process looks like:

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As you can see, the process is quite tough and only 3% of all the applicants claimed to pass the whole process.

Everything looks great and the company overall has good feedback from its customers according to Trustpilot, but there are no ideal companies and the most negative reviews about their pricing (typically it’s in the range 60-200 USD per hour) and too pushy sales reps.

Here is the list of few alternative ways to hire a freelancer that meets your expectations:


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One of the largest freelance platforms. It’s easy to use, you post your project description or job requirements and get tens and sometimes hundreds of different bids and spend a lot of time considering different profiles. There are a lot of positive and negative reviews on this platform, you need to chose the right freelancer and actually everything depends on the performer you choose because they are not pre-vetted and you have to vet them on your own.

You can hire both individuals or agencies that are ready to help you complete your project, the pricing depends on location/ seniority level of performers and can be somewhere between 10-150 USD per hour.

It’s worth to mention that the company provides now Upwork PRO – which is a platform for cooperation with businesses, where the company selected it’s most trusted agencies and freelancers.


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Mindecs help companies to extend their teams with top-quality software developers. They are a network of vetted software developers, ready to join your team. Mindecs have similar vetting processes to Toptal and they are focused on the most popular niche developers like Node.js, Angular, Java, IOS, Android, etc. so that they can provide the best match in a matter of days.

What is interesting Mindecs has Guaranteed Quqality Policy what means you can be sure about the performance of the developer you requested because in case you are not satisfied you will not be invoiced, you pay only if satisfied.(read more here)

This allows companies to scale their team with confidence, they hire best developers as remote contractors with flexible terms of cooperation in a matter of days, not months as it takes on average. There are no recruitment fees.

If you are looking for scaling your development team with new developers, get in touch to receive few profiles for consideration and discuss everything more in detail.


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