Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast #9 Cezary Tomczyk from SiteLint

#Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast | 3 by Abulfaz Ahmadov on Jun 20

SiteLint: Discover what your real users are experiencing

The 9th Episode is a non-standard one, because not only Abulfaz Ahmadov was hosting the podcast, but also our partner Viktor Didenchuk participated, in interviewing together our special guest – Cezary Tomczyk from Sitelient. In March 2023, the Founder of SiteLint, took the stage at A11yTalks and agreed to talk to us in the new episode of Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast.

What is interesting about SiteLint is that Cezary emphasized the need to significantly recalibrate the remediation process. Accessibility quality testing is crucial, especially as web apps and sites grow in complexity. SiteLint’s innovative approach goes beyond traditional crawling and server-side analysis. By combining manual and automated testing, they’ve transformed the landscape. SiteLint’s approach considers real-world scenarios, ensuring that accessibility testing aligns with actual user experiences.

Here are the key points from the podcast:

1. Cezary’s Journey: Our guest told us how he started his career, and how the industry looked like back then.

2. Accessibility industry: Why this industry is so important now, and how the product improves the standards for quality. Just imagine, nearly 1 billion people are somehow under the category of target audience.

3. Challenges: SiteLint team had a lot of challenges on the way, and Cezary told how he is dealing with them, as an entrepreneur.


Cezary highlighted the importance of understanding how users interact with digital content. Additionally, his rich experience allows to get something really important for those who like to start their product. And definitely, Viktor added his contrast to the episode with interesting questions he had.

Enjoy the podcast!

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