Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast #6 Dave Burrells from Bento

#Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast | by admin on Apr 18

Bento: Making crypto safe and easy to use.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast! In this episode, we talked with Dave Burrells, the CEO of Bento. They create a safe and easy-to-use Crypto wallet.

Here are the key points from the podcast:

1. How Bento is different: As the CEO of Bento, Dave has a good insight into the industry, and he told us how the products they build are different from competitors and other wallets.

2. Getting first clients:  Our guest told us how they have launched mobile apps and still launching ios versions and how they acquired their first clients.

3. The idea: Dave discussed why he is passionate about this particular idea, of creating a safe and reliable wallet.



Our Guest, Dave Burrells, is the visionary behind Bento Wallet’s revolutionary Account Abstraction (AA) approach. Bento Wallet continues to make strides in AA wallet development. Stay tuned for more updates as we revolutionize the world of Web3 with our innovative AA wallet backed by MPC keys.


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