Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast #2 Dmitry Zviagilsky from Ridocu

#Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast | 5 mins by Abulfaz Ahmadov on Mar 12

Ridocu: Making Bureaucracy simple

We are excited to launch the second episode of Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast, where we discuss different stories of interesting people from the industry. In the Episode, Abulfaz discusses with Dmitry Zviagilsky, the Founder and CEO of Ridocu the challenges of building the startup, immigration problems, and financial runway.

Ridocu comes from “Rid of documents”. Dmitry with the team tries to make the interaction of immigrants with the governments easier. The application has already been launched for Android, and we expect it soon to appear on Apple App Store.

Here are the key points from the podcast:

1. Turn bad things into positive outcomes: The idea of this app existed for nearly 10 years before Dmitry decided to try it and the layoff helped him to finally get started.

2. Immigration problems: Not only do you have to deal with a lot of bureaucracy, but also other challenges, like language problems, lack of experience, etc.

3. Financial runway: We touched on the problem of financial runway, and why startups need to act quickly and start making revenue as soon as it’s possible.


As we wrap up this podcast-inspired blog post, let’s raise a virtual toast to Dmitry Zviagilsky and Ridocu. In our opinion, this project is a good example, of trying to solve a real problem, with a huge audience that encounters it.

Enjoy the podcast!


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