Why you should consider offshore development team in Eastern Europe

#General | 3 min to read by Abulfaz Ahmadov on Oct 04

Offshore software development in Eastern Europe is a hot topic nowadays in the modern IT industry. More and more companies choose to outsource software development and one of the most reasonable destinations are Eastern European countries like Ukraine, Poland, Belarus just to name a few. There are plenty of reasons why companies do so, let’s consider 3 the most important ones.

1. The great pool of talented software engineers.

This region can boast of having a lot of talented people involved in the tech industry.  A lot of modern young people chose the IT industry and study computer science related professions like software engineering, big data, applied mathematics, and others. What is interesting, the number of software developers constantly grows, thanks to high-quality tech education in the region. Professionals from Eastern Europe are renowned around the world for the high-quality job and they have achieved great results. Students constantly achieve great results in different international competitions and hackathons.

2. Convenient Geographical location,  English proficiency.

Eastern European countries have higher than average English proficiency, especially people who work in the tech field can boast of having quite a high foreign language skills. They are traveling a lot, open-minded and agile, they like discovering new cultures, learning more about foreign countries.
What is also important, this region has developed infrastructure and also has direct connections to cities in the USA. It’s very close to Western European countries, only a few hours difference in timezone. Traveling within Europe is convenient.

3. Cost-effectiveness.

One of the most important reasons why more and more companies extend their team remotely by development teams from this region is a cost-effectiveness. While a good software developer costs on average 100 000$+social package in the USA, here, you can hire an experienced and high-quality engineer with an average rate of 30-40$ per hour. It’s much cheaper, getting the same result.

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe.  A lot of gifted engineers live in this country. The great number of companies have R&D offices here, like Oracle, Snap inc, Samsung electronics just to name a few. The great number of big companies have outsourced to software development companies in Ukraine like Just Answer, Jabra, Just Eat and a lot of others.

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