Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast #7 Esteban Michalowski from Altapay

#General | 3 by Abulfaz Ahmadov on May 03

AltaPay: Simplifying Payments

In the new episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Esteban Michalowski, the Chief Technology Officer at Altapay, who is a seasoned full-stack software engineer and architect. With over 15 years of hands-on experience, Esteban has been instrumental in shaping Altapay’s technical and product strategy.

Altapay, based in Copenhagen, aims to make payments less complicated for its clients. With a team of over 40 members, they’ve been in the FinTech industry for a while.


Here are the key points from the podcast:

1. Altapay and Esteban: Our guest told us a story about how he became CTO at Altapay

2. How Esteban is hiring:  Esteban reveals why the test task is required in his opinion, even though many candidates don’t like seeing them in the screening process.

3. Team management: We discussed how to build and manage teams effectively so as to deliver winning products.


Esteban Michalowski’s journey from self-taught engineer to CTO exemplifies the power of continuous learning, collaboration, and strategic thinking. Altapay’s commitment to simplifying payments and fostering innovation makes it an exciting place to be. Keep an eye on Esteban and Altapay—they’re shaping the future of FinTech!

Enjoy the podcast!

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