Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast #10 Zach Wills from Haven

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Haven: Re-imagining the $11 trillion U.S. mortgage industry

In this episode, we enjoyed hosting Zach Wills, a true tech trendsetter and modernized, the Head of Engineering at Haven. The 10th episode of the Mindecs Tech Careers Podcast is a must-listen for early-career professionals seeking insights and inspiration. A lot of insights on both success and fail cases from our extremely experienced guest

Zach is a visionary in the tech industry, recognized as a 2023 HW Tech Trendsetter for his transformative work in modernizing the housing industry through technology. During our conversation, Zach delved into the challenges of mortgage servicing and how Haven’s approach to first-party data and predictive analytics is revolutionizing the sector. He shared insights on the importance of user-centric design, revealing how Haven’s borrower dashboard has achieved a remarkable 65% paperless billing opt-in rate.

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Here are the key points from the podcast:

1. Zach’s Journey: We discussed how Zach tried to run his consultancy business and what advice he could share with those wanting to start their own business.

2. How to build and manage the team:  We discussed key points of how our guest hires and manages the team afterward. How to get the right person and deliver a great product.

3. Haven career: Our guest shared what Haven is about, and how it helps people with mortgages, even if they don’t know they are using Haven’s services.


Zach’s commitment to innovation and customer experience is setting new industry standards, making this podcast a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and housing. Our guest is interesting for both beginners and experienced professionals. For a deep dive into Zach’s journey and the groundbreaking initiatives at Haven, tune in to the full episode.


Enjoy the podcast!

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