Android developer
English, Russian, Ukrainian

I am an expert in Android development with 7+ years of experience, currently working as a team leader, solution architect, and developer. I can develop scalable and stable applications, evaluate product use, and make suggestions on potential optimizations, refactoring, and best practices adoption. I have substantial knowledge to build top-notch solutions for mobile platforms. I am familiar with modern programming languages, frameworks, and 3rd party solutions, which help boost the app speed, safety, and provide the best user experience. I have a Master Degree in Computer Science. I am always trying to stay on top of all modern technology and development trends. Currently, I'm learning a Flutter framework and will be eager to build outstanding cross-platform solutions.

Full Stack Web Developer
Bulgarian, English

I'm pretty good at everything I do. Mostly Angular.

Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

-Bachelor's degree in Sofia University.
-Can work 40 hours per week.
-Well based in React, Node, Ruby on Rails.
-Fluent in English
-Familiar with latest web technologies.

Python Developer
English, Serbian, Chinese

You can learn more about me from my cv at on a lot of projects with python including deploying, scaling and maintaining applications.
Also, one of my strengths is server administration, and I have skill with docker, docker-compose.
Some of my most recent projects are:
- - Life coaching platform (AWS Lambda, Flask, Microservices)
- - Customer service platform for managing customer data (Django, PostgreSQL, Vue.js)
- - Python Blockchain SDK for trading MOBI coins.

UI/UX Designer

More than 4 years of UI/UX Designing I am experience on Mobile and Web design. Check out my portfolio

Full-Stack Webdeveloper
Danish, German, English

I have strong skills in focusing on projects. I can read almost all programming languages and can jump into a project in a short period of reading code. I began with learning C in 1995 jump over to HTML in 1997 and in the 2000s PHP and MySQL. In the last 3 years, I switch over to Python and Django. With my experience in programming near the system, I can create very fast applications. My experience on databases are widespread - and covers MySQL, SQLite, CouchDB, MS SQL Postgres.

C/C++ backend engineer
English, Spanish, French

Software Engineer, 16 years of experience within the IT Industry working as programmer, tester and Project Leader.

Highly skilled in C/C++ but multi-tasking when the situation requires to (python, SQL, c#, Java, Webservices, PHP, CSS, signalling protocols, embedded software... and a long list after so many years !!!!).

My strong point is low level programming at C/C++ at any operating system.

As freelancer I am proud to say that I have worked with people of the 5 continents.

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