Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer

-Bachelor's degree in Sofia University.
-Can work 40 hours per week.
-Well based in React, Node, Ruby on Rails.
-Fluent in English
-Familiar with latest web technologies.

Full stack mobile and web developer
English, Chinese

iOS/Android Native, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, PHP, Laravel, Nodejs, ReactJS, Python.

More than 8 years of development experience on Mobile and Web. I have completed more than 50 projects successfully.

iOS Developer
English, Russian, Ukrainian

I took part in more than 25 different projects: from simple interactive books to complex high loaded event-based applications with real-time data processing.
I am a supporter of well-architectured applications (VIPER, MVVM+R architectural patterns).
I have experience with Unit / UI tests and Continuous integration tools (Fastlane, Jenkins) that is must have for the modern development approaches.
I was a Team leader of a team of mobile developers on my previous projects that successfully create mobile applications from scratch to publication on AppStore.
The best result for my client is the main goal for me.

UI Software Engineer | FrontEnd Developer
English, Spanish

I have worked in web design, web application, graphic design and 3d modeling and animation for more than 14 years. My principle assets is my constant study and learning of new technologies, as well as my talent in using those technologies in problem solving applications. I am a web professional with extensive knowledge and experience of making standards-compliant websites and user interfaces.I am strongly committed to constant professional growth and I always try to create an excellent working environment.

Full-Stack Webdeveloper
Danish, German, English

I have strong skills in focusing on projects. I can read almost all programming languages and can jump into a project in a short period of reading code. I began with learning C in 1995 jump over to HTML in 1997 and in the 2000s PHP and MySQL. In the last 3 years, I switch over to Python and Django. With my experience in programming near the system, I can create very fast applications. My experience on databases are widespread - and covers MySQL, SQLite, CouchDB, MS SQL Postgres.

System Engineer. FullStack remote developer. Experience with Ruby On Rails, AngularJS, Heroku, Postgres.
English, Spanish

- Bachelor's Degree in Universidad Tecnologica Nacional, Argentina
- Can work 40 hours per week
- Well based in Ruby on Rails
- Fluent in English
- I'm driven to compllete a task, no matter how difficult
- I really enjoy learning new things and find that it's easy for me to pick up on the required skills
- I truly enjoy excelling and pushing my self.
- I look forward to tasks where I can learn and grow

Senior iOS & Android app developer

I have been developing iOS and Android apps since 2009. It is already more than 9 years. I have ever developed and published dozens of iOS and Android apps. My major skill-set is :

- iOS (iPhone, iPad) application programming by using both of Swift and Objective-C
- Android applicaiton programming by using Java and Kotlin.
- Web front-end development by using React.js.
- Web back-end development by using node.js and golang.
- Other experiences in Google Firebase, UI/UX simple design by using Sketch and Adobe photoshop and React-Native experiences.

Python Developer
English, Serbian, Chinese

You can learn more about me from my cv at on a lot of projects with python including deploying, scaling and maintaining applications.
Also, one of my strengths is server administration, and I have skill with docker, docker-compose.
Some of my most recent projects are:
- - Life coaching platform (AWS Lambda, Flask, Microservices)
- - Customer service platform for managing customer data (Django, PostgreSQL, Vue.js)
- - Python Blockchain SDK for trading MOBI coins.

React Native and Android developer
English, Hindi

I have real enthusiasm towards coding and pursued my masters in Computer Science after having an initial degree in Physics.
I am a good learner and started working as an Android developer but later, also learned and worked in React Native to fulfill the needs of my company.
I worked with startups over the last three years and enjoy the work culture and enthusiasm of small teams.
I have ample experience of working remotely as I have worked half of the time remotely as a developer.
Being part of start-ups and usually the only mobile developer, I have experience of the complete life cycle of Mobile development, from design to deployment.
I have also learned technologies out of the scope of my work, like Photoshop, UI/UX design, HTML, CSS, and Python.

Android developer
English, Russian, Ukrainian

I am an expert in Android development with 7+ years of experience, currently working as a team leader, solution architect, and developer. I can develop scalable and stable applications, evaluate product use, and make suggestions on potential optimizations, refactoring, and best practices adoption. I have substantial knowledge to build top-notch solutions for mobile platforms. I am familiar with modern programming languages, frameworks, and 3rd party solutions, which help boost the app speed, safety, and provide the best user experience. I have a Master Degree in Computer Science. I am always trying to stay on top of all modern technology and development trends. Currently, I'm learning a Flutter framework and will be eager to build outstanding cross-platform solutions.

Full-stack Node.js & Go developer
Arabic, English

Started out as an Android developer then moved to web development. Started my journey in web as a ruby on rails developer and DevOps engineer. After 2 years, I started using Node.js in 2016 and at that time I began using it for most of my work.
I have done many work with SQL and NoSQL databases, deployed apps on multiple cloud providers mainly AWS and DigitalOcean, with expertise in using Docker Swarm and Kubernetes for orchestration. I am also a big fan of the microservice architecture.

Full Stack Mobile Developer

In my role as Full Stack Mobile Developer ,Experience in developing, implementation and maintenance of enterprise business solutions. I am proficient in developing applications using android and iOS. Self-motivated, demonstrated ability to work well with peoples, handle technical problems, work well under stress and follow complex plans and strategies. Extremely high level of motivation, initiative, independence and responsibility.

Java Developer
English, Ukrainian

Eight years of professional applications development experience in international distributed teams.

Full-stack developer
English, Russian

Well, my first advantage - I like animals, especially cats and dogs. Also, I'm familiar with lot quantity of modern tools for web-development, like languages, frameworks, tools for testing.

Mobile Application Developer Android & Flutter & React Native
English, Turkish

I am Android Application developer & Designer.

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