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At Mindecs, we offer full-stack developers on demand, that are ready to join your team as part-time or full-time members. We specialize in Angular, React.js, Node.js and Java stack. 

How It Works

Request for a proposal.

Get in touch with us,  describe your project and hiring needs. We will prepare detailed proposal for your project.

Receive detailed proposal

Mindecs will provide you with a detailed proposal that includes the development road map and the right model of cooperation. 

Build world-class products.

You manage the team directly. Top talent on your team will help you achieve your goals!

What people say?

We get a great developer according to our needs, he joined our team as a full-time member. It was an excellent cooperation
Vik Akharavat
Ceo & Founder at
Mindecs developers augmented our team quickly and efficiently as we expected. I am happy to recommend them!
Mark Steele
Co-Founder and President at
Essential Accessibility

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